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Pakistani SIM codes that must be known to everyone

We Collect all Pakistani Cellular network basic code for users which include Check balance, MBs, SMS, Minutes, Advance Balance, SIM Put Offers, Free facebook etc.Check Balance:NetworkCode

Now you can share multiple photos and videos on Instagram

Instagram is a simple and quick way to capture and share your life moments. Instagram is over 500 million people community. User can follow friends and family to see what they discover and what they love to share with world.Latest Update on InstagramNew: You can share up to

How many Hours People spend on YouTube per day?

YouTube is the most popular sites on the video sharing. On the site where millions of people are watching YouTube videos where you upload your video. Many people sit quietly for hours on YouTube in time. Often the main reason for the end users of mobile data quickly even YouTube....

Samsung Galaxy S8 will release on 29 March 2k17

Samsung Galaxy fans wait is over, The Company has announced the date of up coming Galaxy S8 SmartPhone. Although the company is not presented S8 in Mobile World Congress, but company officials told a separate press conference about the launch. Officials told the media without the...

IBM Provide jobs for Pakistani Skilled Youth

Computer products maker IBM has decided to provide jobs for the first time Pakistan-skilled youth. According to computer products to the American company IBM has decided to provide jobs to the skilled youth graduate from universities Pakistan. The company has decided to provide jobs for skilled...

Amazon Chime: A Frustration-free Video Conferencing application

Amazon has introduced a new video conferencing app "Chime". Introduced for business users, this app is available for Windows, Mac, android, and

Samsung Android smartphones secret codes

Android OS have lots of secret codes. different Brands have personal short code with custom ROM. we give a detail list of samsung android mobile codes, users can check personaly sensors, IMEI number, Audio Test Mode etc....

Cause of the Galaxy Note 7 Fire incidents

Last year Samsung announced Note 7, its going very successful in the time of launching after few days Note 7 smartphone catch fire and hundreds of mobiles catch fire after that Samsung Discontinue Note 7. Now Samsung explain the reason of Catching fire in Note 7. Samsung check fr...

Pokemon Go reached $950 Million in revenue in record time

Pokemon The game has set a record for most money in the shortest period. The Game 2016 revenue of $950 million. Although the game is free, but the player can hold many tools buy Pokemon and raise your level.Pokemon I have already earn less than US $600 mil...

Microsoft Arrow Launcher Latest updates

Microsoft has updated its aviation launcher for android. You have added several new features to the app update. Now users can also change the name and icon apps. Users will need to Hold on App icon to change the app name or icon.It is also includes backup feature in the app store and recyc...

Colorful Text Background Post on Facebook

Facebook is always doing something different for user. Now Facebook has introduced a great feature for users. Users will be able to change the background color of your text post.How can change backgroundTap the status bar to use this feature, choose any color under the text. Write...

Xiaomi launched 20000mAh Power Bank

Xiaomi has announced a new version of its 20000mAh Power Bank. its important feature is support two-way Quick Charge 3.0.Xiaomi previous power bank have 2.0 Quick charging port and output was limited to two ports combined ...

Instagram reaches 600 Million Monthly Active users

Instagram Community increased 10 millions users in Last 6 months, Instagram users who were take 9 months to 50 million to 40 million now take 6 months, it is quite impressive.Instagram is introducing new features. A few days before Instagram introduced

Get Free Internet on Jazz

Jazz has offer "Free Internet on New Sale" for all Prepaid customers. Join Jazz Network and get 500 MB free Internet for first 10 days. This offer activated builtin on new SIM.Offer details are following:

Top 10 Most awaited Smartphones in 2017

Last few Years to Apple and Samsung is most popular mobile brands have lead to users attention. Most salling Galaxy S series from Samsung a...