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How to Connect Wireless DeX with Galaxy Note 20 | Note20 Ultra

Samsung DeX is the service that allow a user to connect it smartphones with Laptop, computer or any other external display. When 1st Time Samsung DeX was introduced, it also grabbed an accessory with it to use. now in Samsung Galaxy ...

Google redesigned gmail UI and update Security features

Google introduced a new version of Gmail with updated UI. In this version, Google has completely redesign the email service and many security features have been released for Gmail.Confidential Mode:

Google Launches Qibla Finder web app

Yesterday, Google is introducing a beautiful Web app that will come more from apps like Muslims around the world. You can easily know the direction of Qibla with this special app in any corner of the world.

A New fresh look for YouTube

YouTube has announced that users now you can test the new design. Place views count is changed during video playback. YouTube is still working on the new design.This new desktop design highlights your favorite videos and creators while making YouTube easier and more fun to use. We're still...