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Impact of Smartphone Usage in Daily Life

Positive effects of smartphones on societyThe world we live in today runs highly on technology. New inventions and up gradation in technology have taken the world by a storm. The answer and solution to the entire problem lie in a single click on the smartphone. The world has just shrunk ...

Google Suspended Huawei from Android Services: What it implies for your smartphones

Huawei's access to Android updates has restricted by Google, a move that will send shockwaves through the business.Google's choice to suspend Huawei's utilization of certain parts of the Android operating framework will send shockwaves through the cell phone market. Huawei...

List of Android Q 10.0 Supported smartphones

Google recently released a beta version of Android 10. The Latest version currently named is Android Q, new Android Q beta 3 update comes with many new features. if you want more about the new

Splendid Features of Android Q that will transmute your phone

Android Q presents incredible new feature and abilities for its clients and developers. Here in this article, we are highlighting a quick overview of all updates.Dark ThemeClients have been asking for the dark mode from a very long time. Now, you’ll have the option to have t...

List of Android Phones with ARCore support

Peoples move to AR Technology and every company wants to give full access of AR through easy way. Now Google Developed ARCore a software development kit that allows for augmented reality applications to be built. ARCore available for android Platform. here is list of supported ARCore smartphones....

New Releases Car Racing Android Games in 2018

Many people have charm to play game of car racing. We are sharing here some latest apps of Car racing games. These apps are compatible with all of your devices.Police Chase - Car 3DPolice Chase- Car 3D is a police car simulator driving and police followed the cars in games. Your g...

Most Popular Android Version Report for July 2018

According to Google's monthly android Distribution report, the number of devices with Android Oreo has increased more than 10%. If we see Android 8.1 and 8.1, both market share is 12.1%. One year ago Android Noug...

List of Android P 9.0 Supported smartphones

Google recently release beta version of its Mobile operating system after Android 8.1 Oreo. The Latest version currently named is Android P, new android OS comes with many new features in the software. if you want more about the new Android P features

How to download Android P(beta)?

Google introducing Android P(beta) edition at its annual conference i/o 2018. Google already launched Android's P preview version for download, but they not have much new features. Now Google released beta version includes new updates, Gesture based controls, better volume settings, Smart automat...

MIRROR Your Android Smartphone Screen To PC - MirrorGo Android Recorder

Do you want to play your Android smartphone games on PC screen. The best android screen mirror useful tool is MirrorGo by wondershare. MirrorGo manage your apps and games directly Android to your PC or laptop.Great Features:Play your mobile

Whats next Android P 9.0 version name?

In 2018 android user waiting for the next Big update from Google "Android 9.0" version. Version 9.0 should be name is Android P as Android all previous version has name start ...

Now Android Nougat become most popular version

Google has released the Android Market Share details this month. For the first time, the Android nougat version has become the most used Android version. Nougat took 18 months to reach. It was launched ...

Now Android 8.1 Oreo tell you public WiFi speed before connect

Google has added a new feature to its latest Android 8.1 Oreo version. This feature will tell users how fast the public open WiFi networks are available in mobile range. This feature has been introduced today. Once activated, this feature tells consumers how fast...

List of Android Oreo 8.0 Supported smartphones

Google recently release Next version of its Mobile operating system after Android 7.1 Nougat. The Latest version is named Android Oreo, new android OS comes with many new features in the software. if you want more about the new Android Oreo features

Latest Android version 'Android Oreo' 8.0 review and features

Google has released a new version of Mobile operating system Android 8.0, the name of new version is "Oreo" its faster, smarter and more powerful. Oreo is famous biscuit which is eaten throughout the world and is considered to be very rare.Last day,