Google redesigned gmail UI and update Security features

  • 02 May, 2018
Google redesigned gmail UI and update Security features

Google introduced a new version of Gmail with updated UI. In this version, Google has completely redesign the email service and many security features have been released for Gmail.

Confidential Mode:

confidential mode

The Biggest update in this version is security of Gmail. Now Gmail has also been included a Confidential Mode, which is itself a combination of many features. Users will be able to send email with each other with expire date. After this expiry date, email will be deleted. One more feature has been introduced to reduce the reading email to the non-related person. Sending a code to the SMS recipient, after the Enter the code email receiver can read the email.

After adding the new information rights management controls users can restrict, download, copy and print emails. Apart from suspicious emails, the warning system has been improved

Artificial intelligent Powered:

Now Gmail adding artificial intelligence features, such as Nudging, Smart Reply and High priority features of Notifications.

Nudging will remind you of the follow-up of the important email so that you do not forget them. The SmartReply feature was already in mobile, now web users will also be able to respond on one click.


Now On User Interface, users will see the archive, delete, Mark as read and Snooz buttons in front of them - namely users will not have to open an email for these features. Side panel in Gmail also has well connected to other G suite. Now Gmail users will be able to make 90 days of old emails without online internet, offline search, delete, write, respond, or archive.

Try New Gmail:

If these features of Gmail do not yet appear, you can click on Settings and first click on Try New Gmail.

new gmail