iPhone X Review and Highlights

  • 13 Sep, 2017
iPhone X Review and Highlights

Most popular American Tech Company Apple has launch latest smartphone called "iPhone X" X not letter its 10 in roman language so real name iPhone 10. Apple launch this phone on iPhone 10 anniversary in California New Apple's Head Office's Steve Jobs Theater.

The price of the new iPhone X has been placed at $999, which makes Pakistan more than one lakh rupees, and orders will be booked on October 27, before the sale of the iPhone X and its delivery will be started on November 3.

wireless charging

For charging the iPhone X, the wired charger will no longer be needed because the wireless charger has also been introduced, which is capable of charging the mobile phone as well as airpod and Watch, iPhone X battery is Compatible with iPhone 7 will be more than two hours.


Apple's new phone has been disclosed about camera, design and unique packaging system. Apple has introduced "Animoji" in the new IOS operating system, which will be converted and dynamically displayed through the amoog Auction. Facial identifier system has been introduced instead of fingerprint in iPhones X through which You only need to look at it to lock your phone and it will open very quickly.

Face ID technology

The end of its screening has been diminished and the home button has been migrated (i.e. the home button has been removed). The home button in iPhone X has been terminated just to touch you on the mobile phone screen. And the phone will be activated, its size is 5.8 inches and it will be available in silver and gray. This modern mobile body is made of stainless steel and glasses.

In addition, the camera is able to make the "4K" video of 60 frames per second, and the infrared capabilities are also kept in the camera. The New iPhone company has released its success for completing 10 years.