WhatsApp - Update Group Admin features

  • 30 May, 2018
WhatsApp - Update Group Admin features

A big update and important features have been added to the WhatsApp. These new features for group administrators and members. It is an important feature that now the administrator will not be able to remove the second admin from the group.

The list of the new features introduced in the WhatsApp is like this.

  • Group Description: Now User can add collect group objectives and other information. Now the new user group member will see this information at the top of the chat.
  • Group keyup: If you do not have an active in group, tapping the new @ button will show you all the messages you will be mention in.
  • More options for administrators: Now the administrator can end the other admin options, but the main thing is that now the founder's option can not end the second admin.
  • As a group administrator: you can determine who can change the topic, image or information of the group.
  • Search function: From a new search function, participants in the group can search for a specific person.

Remember that the new update of WhatsApp for groups only. WhatsApp has an important role in the WhatsApp Group's life of more than one billion users. Every user on the WhatsApp is a member of one or more groups.

These new features will be released shortly for Android and IOS.