Upcoming Lenovo Z5 - Offer 45 Days Standby

  • 29 May, 2018
Upcoming Lenovo Z5 - Offer 45 Days Standby

Lenovo's CEO Chang Cheng has reveal some detail about the Upcoming Lenovo Z5 flagship. This phone's screen to body ratio is about 100% (no notch). Chang Cheng recent detail is shared with incredible. He says that this phone's battery will run up to 45 days(1080 hours) in standby mode. Look at today's other phones so it seems to be impossible.

Chang Cheng told this phone's battery time but he did not tell about battery capacity.

Currently, 45 days of battery time can not be obtained by increasing the battery capacity. Lenovo has also expanded the capacity of the battery as well as software, or may be used for machine learning in this regard. so we will know all detail in company 14 june event.