Ufone Internet Packages (2020 Updated)

  • 23 Sep, 2020
Ufone Internet Packages (2020 Updated)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) established its cellular operations in January 2001 under the brand name ‘Ufone’. Ufone has several thrilling daily, weekly, and monthly internet bundles for its consumer base of over 23 million. Furthermore, in February 2019, the company initiated its 4G services in individual parts of the country. With the installation of the 4G service, Ufone has launched various internet bundles for its users which we will talk over one after another.

Ufone Internet Packages:

Ufone users who are searching for the pre-eminent 4G internet packages can activate each of the below given Ufone Internet Packages. At the present time, you have the possibility to choose the leading  Daily, weekly, and monthly internet package in accordance with your needs. A huge number of various packages are being offered by Ufone to its users. Each and every user of the Ufone network who desires to activate the finest package of this network can select it in accordance with his need.

A list of Ufone internet packages are given below with their codes and other details:

Ufone Hourly Internet Packages 2022:

Customers will know-how limitless internet for one hour with the Ufone Internet Packages Hourly in 2022. At this moment there are entire details of how to subscribe to “Ufone internet packages hourly”? Firstly, Package name, subscription code, price, and validity. Subsequently, only dial the suitable code and enjoy effortless internet access with Ufone.

PackagePriceValidityData volumeSubscription code
Unlimited InternetRs.15One HourUnlimited for hour*804#
Ufone Power HourRs.10One Hour60 On-net Mins+60 SMS All Networks +60MB)*99#

To check the remaining data of your package dial *707# code.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages 2022:

Ufone Daily Internet Packages allow users to stay 24 hours a day connected to friends and family with unlimited internet. Currently, Ufone users can activate each and every of the finest Ufone Daily Internet Packages. The Ufone 4G Internet Packages details are listed below:

PackagesPriceValidityData VolumeSubscription Code
Daily Off-Peak PLUSRs. 12 01 Day(6 AM-6 PM)1.5GBDial *10#
Daily HeavyRs. 18 01 Day75 MBs Internet+ 500MBs for Social appsDial *2258#
Mega InternetRs. 1712 AM-12 PM2 GBDial *550#
Daily lightRs. 1301 Day40 MBs Internet+ 1GB for Social AppsDial *2256#
Special DailyRs. 71 AM - 9 PM50 MBs Internet+ 500MBs Social AppsDial *3461#
Ufone Social DailyRs. 61 Day100 MBs for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter*4422#

Ufone 3 Days Internet Packages 2022:

Ufone is providing a 3 days internet package to its customers for enjoyment. With an endless internet connection for three days, Ufone users can still be in contact with family and friends.

PackagePriceValidityData VolumeSubscription Code
3 Days BucketRs 303 days100 MBs + 500 MB(Social)*3350#

So, dial the code and enjoy unlimited internet for 3 days.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages 2022:

Ufone is further offering Ufone Weekly Internet Packages to its users. At that point, Ufone also has various weekly internet packages in order that the person can choose the finest internet package on the report of their need.

PackagePriceValidityData VolumeSubscription Code
Ufone Tiktok offerRs. 507 Days1.5 GBDial *2345#
Internet Max offerRs. 707 Days(1 AM till 9 AM )25 GBDial *2570#
Youtube offerRs. 1007 Days5 GBDial *5883#
Super internetRs. 13507 Days1.5 GBDial *220#
Weekly internet plusRs. 19907 Days10GB (includes 5GB from 1am to 9am)Dial *260#
Weekly Heavy InternetRs. 24007 Days16GB (includes 8GB from 1am to 9am)Dial *270#

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages 2022:

Later after daily and weekly internet packages in 2022, Ufone has also put in place Ufone Monthly Internet Packages. Currently, you can select the leading internet package on the report of your need.

PackagePriceValidityData VolumeSubscription code
Monthly Heavy InternetRs. 69930 Days30GB (includes 15GB from 1am to 9am)Dial *310#
Super Internet PlusRs. 49930 Days16GB (includes 8GB from 1am to 9am)Dial *290#
Monthly LightRs. 39030 Days1 GB Internet+ 2GB for Social AppsDial *7807#
Social monthlyRs. 6030 Days1 GB WhatsAppDial *5858#

How to check the remaining Data of the Ufone Internet Bundle?

Choose your favored mobile Internet Buckets and dial *3# code in your smartphones. Subsequently, to check the remaining data from the Ufone, dial *706# code and a message will be received in which you will get all details of your bucket.