Toolwiz - A Professional mobile photography app

  • 06 Jan, 2018
Toolwiz - A Professional mobile photography app

Toolwiz is a freeware great pro photo editing application for Android and IOS. The Application have more then 200+ photo editor tools. This application has tried to contain full PhotoShop features.

Users not require many applications to edit the same photo. they can do any editing feature in toolwiz. Not only can images be easily edited by this application, but can be made very elegant, even images can be transformed into a great artist shape.

Toolwiz Photos app developed by a group of crazy guys. the team has worked day and night for almost 3 years now, the dream come true and make best all in one android app for arts and designer.

This application also includes all the Prisma applications filters.

Android users to install this application to click

android play store

IOS users to install this application

apple app store

Key Features

  • Duplicate and remove targeted elements on the image freely
  • Blend two photos easily to create a double exposure effect
  • Correct color and change contrast freely Make detailed color adjustment in seconds
  • Transfer a panoramic landscape into a magical planet
  • Add depth to your photos with Lens, Linear and Symmetry tools
  • Create fantastic reflection of a scene by doubling the image
  • Stand closer to artists using multiple effects
  • Analyze your face and share result with friends Come on friends! Perfect face stand assessment
  • Add cool text to pictures There is a kind of perfect way to combine words and images
  • Convert color photos to grayscale also keep your chosen details in color.

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