Tetris: First Mobile Game

  • 28 Sep, 2016
Tetris: First Mobile Game

Gaming is a major source of entertainment in the mobile phone. Now Mobile Phone Games become a billionaire industry.

A Denmark company made Hagenuk MT-2000 mobile in 1994. Hagenuk MT-2000 from a mobile phone which was also the first mobile phone game(Tetris). It introduced the first IBM and Bell South jointly launched a phone called the Simon Personal Communicator. This phone was introduced at the end of 1993 came on the market in 1994. IBM was in the phone where the fax was included in the same game of Scrabble. Square boxes to complete the picture in this game had to move from place to place.

The idea is that it was the first phone that was launched with software keys. It was also the first iPhone was introduced with the antenna.

Before the situation was not like that. The Nokia Mobile Snake (Snake) Game is considered the world's first mobile phone game. However, it is not true. A few years ago were in the same market from Nokia Game, which was installed in the game.

Nokia Snake game for first time come in the mobile 1997. The main reason for this famous game that was present in all Nokia phones available in the market. A few years ago a customized version of Tartarus (Tetris) Nokia Snake game with a game had been in a cell.