Splitwise - Split your expenses with friends

  • 06 Aug, 2019
Splitwise - Split your expenses with friends

Splitwise is the least demanding approach to impart costs to loved ones and quit worrying about "who owes who". A large number of individuals around the globe use Splitwise to sort out gathering bills for family units, treks, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. The basic goal of this app is to lessen the pressure and cumbersomeness that cash puts on our important relationships.

Splitwise is incredible for:

  • Roommates splitting their bills
  • Worldwide Group trips
  • Splitting a vacation house at the beach
  • Parties and wedding ceremonies
  • Friends or colleagues who used to go out for food
  • IOUS between companions
  • A Lot more

Splitwise - easy to use

  • Create groups or friendships for splitting situations
  • Add costs, IOUs, or debts in any currency, with help for an offline entry
  • Expenses are uploaded online so everyone can sign in, see their expenses and add it.
  • Keep track who is going to pay next, or settle up by recording cash payments or utilizing our integrations

We likewise have amazing features that can deal with practically any cash sharing circumstance. Here is a portion of our industry-leading features:

  • Multi-stage support for cell phones and web
  • Simplify debts into the most effortless reimbursement plan
  • Expense arrangement
  • Calculate gathering aggregates
  • Export to CSV
  • Comment straightforwardly on costs
  • Split costs similarly or inconsistent by rates, offers, or accurate sums
  • Add casual obligations and IOUs
  • Create charges that occur month to month, week by week, yearly, fortnightly
  • Add different payers on a solitary cost
  • See all out offsets with an individual over different gatherings and private costs
  • Custom client symbols
  • Cover photographs for gatherings
  • Activity feed and pop-up messages help you remain over changes
  • View you alter history for changes to a cost
  • Payback utilizing our incorporated installments: Venmo and PayPal (US just), Paytm (India as it were)
  • 100+ currencies and developing
  • 7+ upheld dialects


"Makes it simple to split everything from your supper bill to lease." - NY Times

"Major for following funds. On a par with WhatsApp for containing ponderousness." – The Financial Times

"I never battle with flat mates over bills as a result of this virtuoso cost part application"- Business Insider

"The Single Best App You Can Download for Group Trips of Any Kind" - Thrillist

Get Splitwise Pro to have more amazing features!

  • Convert costs to various currencies utilizing our Open Exchange Rates integration
  • Access to "spending by class" planning apparatuses and different diagrams
  • OCR mix for filtering and ordering receipts
  • Store high-goals receipts in the cloud (10GB distributed storage)
  • Backups to JSON, downloadable from our site
  • Search full cost history
  • Save default parts

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