Splendid Features of Android Q that will transmute your phone

  • 13 May, 2019
Splendid Features of Android Q that will transmute your phone

Android Q presents incredible new feature and abilities for its clients and developers. Here in this article, we are highlighting a quick overview of all updates.

Dark Theme

Clients have been asking for the dark mode from a very long time. Now, you’ll have the option to have the whole framework in a darker shade that applies to both the Android framework UI and applications running on the gadget.

Dark theme has numerous advantages:

  • Can diminish control utilization by a huge sum
  • Improves visibility for clients having low vision and who are touchy to brightness.

There are three ways to empower the dark theme in Android Q:

  • Settings - > Display - > Theme - > Dark theme
  • Another quick way is to switch the theme from the notification bar
  • In the case of pixel devices, using battery saver mode enables the dark theme

Bubble notifications: Swift multi-tasking with continuing conversations

Bubbles are a new feature in Android Q, which let the users to multitask on their devices. Bubbles appear as a normal notification when a device is locked. When an app shows its first bubble, a permission dialog with two choices appear:

  • Block all bubbles from your app
  • Allow all bubbles from your app


Along with using the features in the navigation bar you can now use these gestures:

  • To access home swipe the device screen up from the bottom
  • To go back swipe left to right
  • To access recently opened app swipe up and hold

Brilliant answer in all messaging applications

In Android Q, Google's brilliant reply feature as it we know it from Gmail will be accessible in outsider messaging applications, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Signal. This element utilizes machine learning to recommend three short reactions that may suit the message you got.

Live captioning

Live Caption can give constant inscriptions to pretty much anything on your phone where somebody is talking, and best of all, it happens locally on-gadget. As it were, no web association of any sort is required. You can turn Live Caption on through Android Q's availability settings, and for plenty of clients, this will be a blessing.

Foldable support

The organization has streamlined Android Q with alterations to its multi-resume and display functions, to guarantee applications can run at the same time alongside other different applications and progress consistently from a small to tablet-sized screen when a gadget is unfurled.

Compatibility with 5G

5G is expected to be quicker than any wired broadband and is coming soon and the developers are preparing for it. The Android Q will be compatible to 5G.

Security upgrades

A number of security features are represented by Android Q, which the accompanying segments condense.

  • Upgraded biometric validation dialogs: Android Q acquaints the accompanying enhancements to the unified biometric confirmation dialogs included in Android 9:
  • Gadget check for biometric ability: You would now be able to check if a tool underpins biometric confirmation before summoning BiometricPrompt by utilizing the canAuthenticate () strategy in the BiometricManager class.
  • Enhanced fallback support for gadget quality: You would now be able to advise the framework to enable a client to confirm utilizing their gadget PIN, pattern, or password on the off chance that they can't verify utilizing their biometric input for reasons unknown. Utilize the setDeviceCredentialAllowed() strategy to empower this fallback support. In the case presently your application appropriate createConfirmDeviceCredentialIntent() to fall back to device credentials, change to utilizing the new technique.

Connectivity features

Android Q incorporates a few upgrades identified with systems administration and connectivity.

  • Specific queries in DNS resolver: Android Q contains native support for both DNS over TLS and for specific DNS queries. Previously, platform DNS resolver bolstered type A resolutions, which would resolve an IP address against a domain name without any points of interest about administrations offered at that IP. With this update, the SRV and NAPTR queries are currently additionally upheld.
  • Wi-Fi Easy Connect: Android Q empowers you to utilize Easy Connect to provision Wi-Fi qualifications to a peer gadget, as a replacement of WPS which has been deployed.
  • Bluetooth LE Connection Oriented Channels (CoC): Android Q enables your application to utilize BLE CoC associations with exchange larger information streams between two BLE devices.

Camera and images

  • High-Efficiency Image File format: As compared to other file formats High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format is a standard image and video format that introduces higher-quality encoding and smaller file size.
  • Dynamic Depth Format: Beginning in Android Q, cameras can store the profundity information for a picture in a different record, utilizing another pattern called Dynamic Depth Format (DDF).