Pakistan's 3G/4G User Base Grows by 1.11M in January 2024!

  • 23 Feb, 2024
Pakistan's 3G/4G User Base Grows by 1.11M in January 2024!

Cellular Subscriber Growth: PTA's January 2024 Report

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) discloses a noteworthy increase in cellular subscribers, rising from 189.44 million in December 2023 to 190.18 million by January 2024. This data reflects a continuous upward trend in mobile service adoption across the nation.

Surge in 3G/4G Users: PTA's Insightful January 2024 Data

In tandem with overall subscriber growth, 3G and 4G users in Pakistan witnessed a surge, escalating from 127.68 million in December to 128.79 million by the end of January. The upward trajectory underscores the increasing reliance on advanced mobile data services, marking a significant shift in the country's digital landscape.

Telecom Metrics on the Rise: January 2024 Overview

In a dynamic telecom landscape, cellular teledensity in Pakistan saw a modest increase from 78.93 percent in December to 79.11 percent in January. Similarly, total teledensity grew from 80 percent to 80.2 percent during the same period. The surge in Next Generation Mobile Service (NGMS) penetration is evident, rising from 53.2 percent in December to 53.57 percent in January.

Jazz's 3G and 4G Dynamics: January 2024 Analysis

Delving into Jazz's performance, a notable shift is observed. While Jazz's 3G users experienced a slight decline from 3.492 million in December to 3.388 million in January, the 4G user base witnessed growth, escalating from 43.867 million to 44.292 million. This nuanced performance reflects the evolving preferences of telecom users in the dynamic Pakistani market.

Dynamic Trends in Zong's 3G and 4G User Base: January Insights

In the evolving landscape of telecom services, Zong witnessed a nuanced shift. While 3G subscribers saw a slight decrease from 2.217 million in December to 2.162 million in January, the 4G user base experienced growth, increasing from 34.202 million to 34.660 million by the end of January.

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Telenor's User Dynamics: 3G Decline, 4G Growth in January

Telenor's user dynamics in January showcased contrasting trends. The 3G subscribers decreased from 2.380 million in December to 2.280 million, indicating a decline. Conversely, Telenor's 4G user base demonstrated growth, rising from 23.300 million in December to 23.560 million by the end of January. These fluctuations signify the evolving preferences and usage patterns in Telenor's user base.

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Steady Ufone 3G User Base: January Report

Ufone's 3G user base showed stability, standing at 2.190 million by the end of January, a marginal increase from 2.188 million in December.

Ufone's 4G Momentum: January Growth

Contrastingly, Ufone's 4G user base experienced growth, ascending from 14.484 million by the end of December to 14.690 million by the close of January. This positive momentum reflects Ufone's efforts in catering to the increasing demand for advanced mobile data services.