Now WhatsApp Users Can Send Files up to 100 MB

  • 26 Jul, 2017
Now WhatsApp Users Can Send Files up to 100 MB

The WhatsApp has introduced a great feature while resolving the problem of consumers, which can now be sent any type of file under this application. These new updates come in IOS (version 2.17.40) which includes more features like pinned chats, support for all file types(including MP3s and PDFs), and the ability to delete multiple photos in once.

Earlier, the WhatsApp could only be sent through documents, photos and videos, but users can now send any file size of more than 100 MB. According to experts, this new feature of WhatsApp will prove to be extremely profitable for consumers who were asking for a long time.

This feature will be very useful for people who use the WhatsApp for work and now the files that have to be sent by email will be able to send them via the WhatsApp only.