Now money can be sent from Skype to PayPal

  • 14 Aug, 2017
Now money can be sent from Skype to PayPal

Microsoft has recently redesign its Skype application. Which is often Some user liked it but some not liked. After redesign Microsoft also adding new features in application. Users can now send PayPal money to Skype as well as a new feature. This feature aims to compete with the feature feature through facebook Messenger. Apple has also integrated the same feature through Apple IOS 11.

Instead of introducing a new payment system for skype, PayPal is good decision. PayPal is a stable name and the majority of users also use it.

This feature is available in 22 countries on mobile devices. To access this feature, the user have to tap on Send Money by swinging them to the right. More information about this feature can be seen on the Skype’s Documentation page.