Now Google Podcasts available in Android App

  • 21 Jun, 2018
Now Google Podcasts available in Android App

Google has launched the Podcast app for Android. This app will recommend personalized podcast channel to people using Google's suggested algorithms. Before the release of this application, Podcast was available through third-party apps and Google Play Music.

Google told in a tweet that the purpose of the Google Podcast is to simplify the process of finding a cast for people.

On the day of launch 20 million podcasts was available on the application. In future Google will use artificial intelligence in this application. In the app where there are many features, there is a feature podcast to add Closed captions. This can also be read by listening to your podcast.

The Podcast app is associated with the Google Assistant. Which you can search and play podcast.

Key Features:

  • Bringing the best of Google to Podcast
  • Listen and Subscribe to any podcast for free and download episodes for offline
  • Easily keep track of your episodes
  • Listen to the same podcast on multiple devices
  • Find and play podcasts right from the Google Search App
  • Pick up where you left off across devices with the Google Assistant

You can download this application by clicking here.