Now Google Chrome Work Offline

  • 11 May, 2017
Now Google Chrome Work Offline

They will also be able to browsing the internet without at least Chrome browser. According to media reports, Google has made it possible for users browsing the web from the Internet that introduce new features to your web browser.

If Google has introduced a feature it is possible to load web pages in Chrome contests last year to see their pages without going through the Internet. Given its success, Google has now made it further refine this feature new additions. Which is a new add-on downloads link you will be able to save some time by clicking the link on the browser of any web page.

Some will come before long the option of pressing the link downloads link on that page will be saved for offline viewing And access is possible at any time, you will be able to delete what they want. Similarly, if you open the website, but does not work comes from a dinosaur. Below you will preserve the downloads page later option or button that will appear when the page online. Go to the safe web page is fairly simple, you have to scroll to open a new tab in Chrome Downloads.