Nokia is back in 2017

  • 24 Nov, 2016
Nokia is back in 2017

Nokia Back in the field of smart phones in 2017. The company confirms with HMD brand has contracted to use the Nokia brand to 10 years. Next year we will see once again the Nokia smart phones.

Finland Company are returned in the field of smart phones and confirmed on Capital Markets Day event. Brand, as Nokia will not make any calls. It will only create new phone, keeping ownership rights to the brand owner.

HMD Company was made at the beginning of the year. HMD will be made on a Nokia phone brand, intellectual property and monitoring. Foxconn’s will work on phone in HMD. HMD has signed a 10-year plan to use the Nokia brand mobile. In the first three years shall it spend 500 million euros on mobile marketing.

According to information in the past, will be launched in the second quarter, Nokia's first smartphone android next year, it is possible to introduce the Nokia smart phone in the Mobile World Congress in February.

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