Motion Stills by Google - App of the Month July (2017)

  • 24 Jul, 2017
Motion Stills by Google - App of the Month July (2017)

Last year Google has launched the Motion Stills application for the IOS. Now Google has also released this app for Android users. Users from this application can Capture a short 3s clip, called Motion Stalls and also Users can record 1 minute time lapse video from this application, which is called Fast Forward.

How to use?

After making Motion Stills or Fast Forward no need of any wait or process for users. Users simply press the record button by simply running the application. After that, users can view their motions in the Viewer's feed. If users want, they can share their Motion Stats with friends and make them use the GIFs or short video. In addition to swipe in the right side of the Motion Stills, users can add it to the timeline, where they can combine their own styles.

Android users to download this application click here.
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