Microsoft Selfie App for android

  • 08 Nov, 2016
Microsoft Selfie App for android

Microsoft had launched the App Store for iOS users to Microsoft selfie app in December last year. Like the Lumia Selfie app does collect a person's age or gender, as the image data, using the algorithm makes the application more than merely finding data using self. 11 months after the launch of the App Store, Microsoft has launched its application on the Google Play Store.

Users can apply 12 filters to the image.

According to Microsoft, this application can turn your photo into Best selfie Self-average. Users can apply 12 filters with extreme ease in application can change your image.

  • We Support 31 Multilingual languages now
  • Take perfect selfies to use timer
  • Easily Compatible with any selfie stick.
  • Share photo feature.

For the Apple App Store and Google Play store to download the application!

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