Latest Best Weekly Internet Package in Pakistan

  • 06 Apr, 2017
Latest Best Weekly Internet Package in Pakistan

Pakistani Mobile internet users increasing very fast and almost Thirty-nine million 3G/4G Subscribers. That's why Pakistani cellular network companies give more user satisfy internet packages to increase subscribers. Lets check which network company give best weekly internet package for subscribers.

Weekly Internet Comparison Table

CompaniesPackagesPriceVolume (MB)Subscription Code
UfoneLight - Heavy50 - 125250 - 500*7811# - *7815#
TelenorUnlimited Bundle702 GB (1AM - 7PM)*345*144#
ZongPremium - Super70 - 100700 - 2048*102#

First we review the "Ufone" weekly Buckets. Ufone have 2 weekly buckets 1st is Weekly Light bucket and 2nd is Weekly heavy bucket. Price is very low as compare to others companies buckets but volume is also not much. Jazz offer weekly browser package price is low as compare to other but volume is not good. Above comparison table Telenor and Zong offer heavy volume 2GB but Telenor specify the time limit(1AM - 7PM) and other side Zong whole week no time limit.

We suggest to select Zong weekly bucket is best for any detail price, volume and time wise.