Latest Apple iOS 11 features

  • 06 Jun, 2017
Latest Apple iOS 11 features

Apple announced new version of iOS in WWDC 2017. Formally the latest iOS is called iOS 11. Apple has made several changes in this version. Apple has changed the Siri, AirPlay 2, Apple Pay, Multitasking, Apple Music, Camera, Lock screen and the App Store. IOS 10 is currently installed on 86% devices, and 96% satisfied users.

New Interface

A major change has been in the iOS interface. Redesign the Control Center and Now controls the entire control center has been fit in the same page. Users can access additional control a 3-D touch. IOS 11 has combine lock screen and notification center. Lock with key notifications to a sweep down of the screen is exposed. More widgets come up and sweep to the left.

do not disturb

Do Not Disturb has been updated in car mode. If you will be driving the OS will block notifications and will also send automatic replies if you'd like. In this mode it is possible to get VIP Contacts in emergency situations. Apple has it you're driving to see or use Bluetooth connections. When this failed uses Wi-Fi Doppler. Perhaps use less power than the GPS. User can be disabled Do Not Disturb features if they not interested.

The new iOS Files app brings all your files together and manage properly as you want. Files app can also manage device, such as the cloud, Dropbox, one drive and other file services. IOS 11 have introduced new versions of the iPad Pro features, including drag-and-drop and multi-select.

do not disturb


More then 375 million users each month use Apple's digital assistant but he's Old Siri. New Siri preset sound more intelligent and more smart and close to the human voice, it is possible because of the deep learning.

Siri can translate it for you, if you speak in English, it can be translated into Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Now Siri look different view. The new interface is better than before and the results of questioning. Siri understands context thats why siri net surfing and Safari bookmarks can prepare for your appointment. In addition, Siri can suggest new topics based on your browsing history. Siri is also learned from this process, which goes on all the devices and sync it all together better.


1 Trillion images are made every year with the devices. Apple wants to take all the pictures minimal space. For that Apple has introduced a new format for the image. Apple has changed the JPEG into HEIF. It is built on the basis of HEVC. It offers better quality even half the file size of JPEG.

The new iPhone will be able to record videos HEVC (also known as H.265), which can compress the video coded twice.

Despite the new format that promised Apple users will be able to share videos and photos comfortably, they contribute not encounter compatibility issues.

Apple has updates to portrait mode. Now its works even in low light, supports iOS and True Tone flash. This can create HDR images. Apple has added new tricks in live photos. One is that you can use for each photo by selecting a key image.

Memories still do support the portrait playback. Even more smart in terms of group photos. Photo identification feature that can make memory for the pets.

do not disturb

App Store

App Store will be 9 this year. 9 years there have been 180 billion downloads from here. Apple pay 70 billion to developer in 9 years. It has been just 30% in the previous year.

App Store now has apps and games that turned into two parts. Today tab in the app store will be Apple's favorite apps and games highlight.

Air Play 2 and Apple Music

The most important feature Air Play 2 multi-room audio playback. Music is not Apple, it can be used by any app. Now you can change the music player Apple TV, which you can control from your iPhone or Mac.

Apple Music of users that payment has been increased to 27 million. Apple Music has now become more social. If you share information with your friends, they will be able to see your album and artist of the Like.

iMessage and Pay

Apple leads the contact equipped mobile payment service Apple Pay in the United States. It now supports 50% of retailers and is also part of the message. IOS 11 now you can have money will be able to send or receive a like selfie send or receive, for this you will have to accept that Touch ID.

The Money will move in Apple Pay Cash card then you can transfer it to your bank account.

do not disturb


Apple wants to stay ahead in the mobile AR field. The new AR developer kit will be more impressive AR games and apps for iOS devices.


Apple Maps will now also provide guidance Lane. This will tell the speed limit. Malls will also be available at the airport and indoor navigation. It will also feature in the destination directory and search. This feature is currently only for US cities. They will be launched in other countries later.

map naviagtion

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