iOS 13 - The Available New Features

  • 18 Jun, 2019
iOS 13 - The Available New Features

Apple presented the most recent version of its iOS operating system, iOS 13, on June 3 at the keynote occasion of the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference. iOS 13 is a large overhaul to iOS, with a considerable list of new features.

Key features and enhancements

Dark Mode

Wonderful new look

New Dark Mode choice gives iOS and apps a delightful dim shading scheme. Ideal for low-light situations, Dark Mode is simpler on your eyes and won't aggravate individuals around you.


Have Dark Mode turn on and off at a specific time or dependent on dawn and dusk, which is incredible when you're outside around evening time or utilizing your iPhone before you hit the sack.

System integration

Dim Mode is perfectly incorporated all through iOS, from built-in applications and settings to system-level perspectives.

Turn on manually

Click the new button in Control Center to rapidly turn Dark Mode on and off, for example, when you go into a dim room or theater.


New backdrops improved for Dark Mode consequently change as you switch among light and dark.

Works with your favorite apps

An API lets third‑party developers actualize Dark Mode in their applications.


All-new Photos tab

ios 13 Photos update

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The all-new Photos tab gives you a chance to peruse your photograph library with various dimensions of curation, so it's anything but difficult to discover, remember, and share your photographs and recordings. You can see everything in All Photos, center around your extraordinary photographs in Days, remember your significant moments in Months, or rediscover your highlights in Years.

Smart photograph reviews

In Days, Months, and Years, photograph reviews are bigger to enable you to recognize shots. Photographs utilize insight to locate the best piece of your photograph in photograph previews, which means you get the opportunity to see the uncropped version of your photograph when you tap to see it.

Expels similar shots and mess

Redundant photographs, screenshots, whiteboard photographs, archives, and receipts are recognized and covered up, so you see just your absolute best shots.

Occasion titles

The Photos tab shows the name of the area, occasion, or show entertainer to give accommodating setting to your critical occasions.

Birthday mode

On the off chance that you have birthday celebrations assigned to individuals in your People collection, the Photos tab will feature your photographs of them on their birthday.

Screen recordings smart album

All your new screen recordings are currently in one place.

Music for Memories

Soundtracks for Memory movies pictures are chosen dependent on what you tune in to in the Music application.

Preview intensity

As you apply an edit, every modification shows its power, so you can see initially which impacts have been expanded or diminished.

Filter control

Control the intensity of any filter, like Vivid or Noir, to fine-tune your look.

Video editing support

About all that you can do with a photograph, you would now be able to do with a video. Modifications, filters, and crop support video editing, so you can rotate, increment exposure, or even apply filters to your recordings. Video editing underpins all video formats captured on iPhone, incorporating video in 4K at 60 fps and slo-mo in 1080p at 240 fps.1.


Lift quieted hues to make your photograph less rich without affecting skin tones and saturated colors.


Change photos by making edges crisper and better characterized.

Noise reduction

Diminish or dispense noise, such as graininess or dots in photographs.

Updates to auto adjustments

Fix, crop, and modify the viewpoint of your photographs automatically.

Picture Capture API

The Image Capture API enables designers to use the Camera Connection Kit to import photographs straightforwardly into their applications.

Squeeze to zoom support

You can squeeze to zoom while editing to review your progressions on a particular zone of your photograph.


Add shading to the edges of your photograph to highlight an incredible minute utilizing Strength, Radius, and Falloff.


Increment picture lucidity by changing the definition slider.

White Balance

Balance the glow of a picture by changing temperature (blue to yellow) and tint (green to maroon).

Nondestructive video edits

Video edits are presently nondestructive, so you can expel an effect like a filter or fix a trim to come back to your original video.

Enhance control

Enhance currently gives you a chance to control the intensity of your automatic modifications. As you increment or abatement Enhance, you'll see different alterations — including Exposure, Brilliance, Highlights, Shadows, Contrast, Brightness, Black Point, Saturation, and Vibrance — shrewdly change with it.

Individually review each effect

Tap each effect symbol to perceive what your photograph resembled when the effect was applied.

Expanded Live Photos playback

When you press and hold to play a Live Photo, Photos will naturally expand the video when you have Live Photos taken inside 1.5 seconds of one another.

Search improvements

You can consolidate different inquiry terms — like "beach" and "selfies" — without tapping each word in a search.

Zoom in and zoom out

View your library in All Photos anyway you'd like. Zoom in for a more critical look, or zoom out to rapidly look over your library and see every one of your shots without a moment's delay.

On this Day

A long time is logical, so it demonstrates your photographs taken close by the present date in past years.

Significant events

Months exhibit your photographs by occasions, so you can rediscover the minutes that issue most.

Contextual transitions

Animations and changes keep your place in the Photos tab, so you can switch between perspectives — like Days and All Photos — without losing your place.

Auto-playing Live Photos and videos

All through the Photos tab, muted Live Photos and recordings start playing as you scroll, breathing life into your photo library.


Adjust Portrait Lighting intensity

ios 13 Camera update

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For all intents and purposes alter the position and force of your studio lighting. Increment the force of every Portrait Lighting impact — drawing the light nearer to your subject — to smooth skin, hone eyes, and light up facial highlights. Or on the other hand decline the power of the light — moving it far from your subject — for an unobtrusive, refined look.2.

High-Key Mono

Another Portrait Lighting effect, High-Key Mono, makes an excellent, great look with a monochromatic subject on a white background.

Updates to Portrait Segmentation API

The Portrait Segmentation API presently supports skin, hair, and teeth division, so engineers can make new impacts for Portrait mode photographs.

Privacy and Security

App location authorizations

Control the location information that you go to applications with new, fine-grained controls. You can allow application access to your area once or whenever you use it.

App location transparency

Get a notification when an application is utilizing your area out of sight, so you can choose whether to update your authorization.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location privacy enhancements

Programming interface changes and new controls will help forestall applications from getting to your location without your assent utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Location controls for shared photos

Presently you can control whether you share your area when you share a photograph via web-based networking media.

Enhanced anti-fingerprinting protection in Safari

Assurances identified with program text styles have been extended.


Improved voice with neural TTS

Siri sounds more normal than any other time in recent memory, especially while talking longer expressions, with a voice that is produced altogether by programming.

Siri intelligence

Siri offers customized proposals in Apple Podcasts, Safari, and Maps. Siri can even distinguish updates in messages and occasions in outsider applications.

Sirikit for Audio

Siri would now be able to play music, webcasts, book recordings, and radio with outsider applications.


Ask Siri to check out your preferred radio station.

Indian English voice

Siri has another Indian English voice.


ios 13 Shortcuts update

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Conversational shortcuts

shortcuts are much increasingly ground-breaking, empowering you to associate with your applications in a conversational manner.

Built-in in Shortcuts application

The Shortcuts application is currently implicit and home for every one of your alternate ways.

Recommended automation

Begin with the Shortcuts application by adding a customized day by day schedule to help streamline your day.

Memoji and Messages

ios 13 Memoji update

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share name and photograph

Consequently, share your name and photograph when you begin a discussion or when the other individual reacts in a message. Choose whether you share with everybody, simply your contacts, or not under any condition. You can even utilize an Animoji, picture, or monogram for your photograph.

Memoji stickers

Naturally, produce sticker packs dependent on your Memoji and Animoji characters that enable you to express the scope of feelings in Messages.

Improved search

Search in Messages makes it simpler to discover what you're searching for. Indeed, even before you type a character, you can see late messages, individuals, photographs, connections, and areas you may search for. When you type in a search, Messages arranges the outcomes and features coordinating terms. You can likewise scan inside individual discussions for the message you're searching for.

Improved details pane

The details pane organizes links, locations, and attachments that have been partaken in the discussion so they're anything but difficult to discover initially.

Improved Memoji customization

Cosmetics gives you a chance to modify become flushed and eyeshadow and incorporates editing tools that make it simple to get only the correct look. Redo your teeth with braces and add a piercing to your nose, eyebrows, eyelids, and around your mouth. There are likewise 30 new haircuts, more than 15 new pieces of headwear, and more studs and glasses.

New Animoji

Three new Animoji characters — mouse, octopus, and dairy animals — give you more choices to communicate.

Animoji hardware support

All gadgets with an A9 chip or later help Memoji and Animoji sticker packs.


New relationship labels

Several new, increasingly explicit relationship names in Contacts help clients deal with their developing contact records.

Make Memoji

Make a Memoji for yourself and your different contacts directly inside Contacts.



The QuickType console presently incorporates QuickPath, so you can swipe your finger starting with one letter then onto the next to type without expelling your finger from the console to enter a word.

Swipe or tap to type

You can swipe or tap to type conversely, so you can pick what's most advantageous regardless of whether you're mid‑sentence.

Exchange word options

Exchange word choices show up in the prescient bar, so you can rapidly pick an alternate choice.

QuickPath language support

support for English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese is currently included.

Automatic language choice in Dictation

Transcription naturally recognizes which language a client is talking. The language will be browsed the console dialects empowered on the gadget, up to a limit of four.


All‑new structure

The upgraded Reminders application includes all the more dominant and wise approaches to make, arrange, and monitor your reminders.

New speedy toolbar

With the new speedy toolbar simply over the keyboard, it's simpler than at any other time to include times, dates, areas, signals, or even supportive connections to updates. All without heading off to another screen.

Upgraded Siri intelligence

Presently you can type longer, increasingly engaging sentences. Updates will naturally comprehend and give pertinent recommendations.

Siri proposed reminders

When you're chatting with somebody in Messages, Siri perceives potential reminders and makes recommendations for you to make them.


ios 13 Performance update

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Faster app launch

Apps launch up to 2x quicker in iOS 13.4

Quicker Face ID unlock

Opening iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR is up to 30 percent quicker.

Littler app downloads

Beginning this fall, applications from the App Store will be bundled in another manner that causes them to up to 50 percent littler.

Littler app updates

Application updates will be up to 60 percent littler by and large.

App Store

Apple Arcade

A game membership administration with more than 100 astonishing new games, all without any promotions or extra buys. A solitary membership enables you to download and play any Apple Arcade game from the App Store, and recreations will be included normally. You can play Apple Arcade recreations crosswise over iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, and each game is playable disconnected.

support for Arabic and Hebrew

The App Store currently bolsters Arabic and Hebrew dialects crosswise over stories, accumulations and records, item pages, and search.

The choice to download enormous applications over cellular

You can download applications and recreations over your cell association.


Custom fonts

You would now be able to introduce custom text styles and use them in your most loved applications.

Manage fonts

Effectively observe and deal with the text styles you've introduced directly in Settings.

App Store

fonts will be accessible from the App Store, making it simple to discover and introduce them.


Gallery view

Presently you can consider your to be as visual thumbnails, making it simpler than at any other time to rapidly discover the note you're searching for. It's particularly incredible for notes with pictures, representations, or Apple Pencil penmanship.

Shared folders

Team up on folders with other individuals by giving them access to an organizer's substance where they can include their own notes, connections, or subfolders.

More powerful search

Search perceives what's in the pictures inside your notes and can enable you to discover explicit content in the things you've examined, similar to receipts or bills. What's more, you'll get single-tap search proposals.

New checklist options

Rapidly reorder agenda things utilizing simplified, swipe to invent things, and move checked things to the base. On the off chance that you've finished the agenda and need to utilize it once more, you can snap to uncheck every one of the things and begin once again.


Diverse banners

Look over an assortment of colors when you flag an email message. Shaded flags are matched up by means of iCloud to Mail on the entirety of your Apple gadgets, and they can be changed or expelled whenever.

Block Sender

Have all email from a predefined sender blocked and move the messages legitimately to the trash. blocking a sender works over the entirety of your Apple devices.

Broadened Reply menu

Notwithstanding answer, answer all, forward, and print, the Reply menu adds helpful access to inform me of answers, mark as new, move to garbage, move to the various post box, and banner choices, just as the new Mute Thread choice.

Mute Thread

Effectively mute notifications from an excessively dynamic email string over the entirety of your Apple gadgets.

Smart battery charging

This new feature will enable you to have a more drawn out enduring battery. It won't charge your telephone till 100 percent each time you put it on the charge. Rather, it'll charge the gadget to 80 percent, and – in light of your propensities – will give it that last 20 percent of juice just before you expel it from power.

Uninstall apps from the update screen

No compelling reason to hold the application symbol and hold up till they move to uninstall applications. You can make a beeline for the App Store's update page, swipe left, and erase a specific application form in that spot. Just to note, in iOS 13, pending updates will appear under your profile page, rather than a different tab.

New volume slider

Apple is presenting another volume slider this time. Rather than a diverting square in the center, you'll see a bar on the left side that will get slenderer following a couple of moments of being on screen.