Impact of Smartphone Usage in Daily Life

  • 28 Nov, 2020
Impact of Smartphone Usage in Daily Life

Positive effects of smartphones on society

The world we live in today runs highly on technology. New inventions and up gradation in technology have taken the world by a storm. The answer and solution to the entire problem lie in a single click on the smartphone. The world has just shrunk into a single screen where everything is accessible, and nothing is unreachable.

Our life nucleuses around electronic devices, and with time, these gadgets have earned a very prominent place in our daily life course and activities. In today's global village, human interaction is dependent on smartphones. Without electronic devices, be it computers or mobile phones, the thought of living is perceived to be incomplete. One can’t imagine life without these electronic devices.

The bubble and the irony

Effects of smartphones in our life have given birth to the biggest irony of the times, which lies in the fact that when 'Mobile' phones were created to make the world mobile, they have contributed to its inhabitants' immobility. Now you only see people gawking at their screens, and all else, including the real action, is secondary. The extent of dependency on technology and smartphones per se has now become debatable.

The world we live in today is more of a gadget driven bubble. From academia to daily life tasks, everything seems to halt if we eliminate gadgets from our lives. If you remove smartphones from the world for a day, people wouldn't know what to do; it's as if we've forgotten to live without the screens.

No real action

The impact of smartphones and mobile devices on human health and life is not positive. It's normal for people to sit in one place for hours with smartphones in their hands. This excessive mobile phone usage has led to obesity, especially in young children, cardiac disease, and increased eyesight issues and headaches. Sports have become boring, and video games on the phone are in trend.


Increasing capitalism and consumerism

Sadly, we live in a world where capitalism is at its height, and big businesses are fishing on people's insecurities. It has become the new normal, and the only way businesses are done. With the ever-increasing need to own something better and unique than before, the technology has taken prices of mobile phones a thousand folds up.

Talking about smartphones specifically, the new ones introduced into the market are catching the potential buyers and the market as a whole. After all, who does not want a mobile laden with technological marvels and impeccable features that are as good as anything?

Smartphones with the slightest of innovations are up for grabs, being labeled as the next best thing, the consumerists going crazy, and the businesses flourishing with billions in their pockets.

Sick minds

The 'new and improved' is actually just 'old and remodeled.' This crazy consumerism and the need to own the best in the market have led to increased depression and anxiety within the masses, as technology's hunger has become insatiable. Undoubtedly, buyers cannot stop drooling over the plethora of products with these so-called 'commendable features' and 'amazing technology' never heard, never seen, and never witnessed.


Reality or virtual reality?

In the past, people would sit with each other and talk. But now the talk at the dinner table has changed to video calling with friends. Lullabies have changed to music streaming and, and storytime with grandparents has changed to watching movies on the phone. Rather than growing closer, people have grown distant. Rather than opening up and sharing stuff, people have recoiled to the corners with phones in their hands, trying to find an escape from the real world.

It seems like smartphones have provided the much carved perfect escape plan to humankind that has always wanted to discover ways to dwell in delusions and forget about the real world's real problems. Such has been the impact of mobile phones in daily life.