How to use Samsung bixby?

  • 25 Jul, 2017
How to use Samsung bixby?

After waiting long, The Bixby voice is now available in the US. When Samsung launched the Bixby, he was very confident and included a special button in Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus for him. People have got opinions about the Samaung Artificial intelligence Assistant. Samaung has released three videos to introduce people to him well.

You can do things like textbooks like normal tasks and send text to a contact number, but can do a lot of complicated work as well. Bixby can understand your mobile apps and how to use them. User can talk, tap or type, because Bixby knows it all. You can ask about the photos of your pet, you can ask Bixby to make a screenshot. WiFi and Bluetooth toggle can also be accessed through Bixby. Bixby reminders very easily, favorite apps settings based on time and location.

Meet Samsung Bixby

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