Honor V Purse Concept: Fashion-Tech Marvel

  • 02 Sep, 2023
Honor V Purse Concept: Fashion-Tech Marvel
Honor is exhibiting the V Purse idea, an advanced outward foldable geared toward the fashion-conscious, at the IFA congress in Berlin in order to introduce the Magic V2 to the world.

We were able to spend some time admiring the Honor V Purse, and we managed to get some pictures for you to enjoy.
The concept phone appears better in the hands of Honor's models even though we aren't permitted to touch it.

The Honor V Purse idea shares a lot of exterior similarities with the Huawei Mate Xs 2. The same wraparound display is utilized, which can fold in on itself to create a slimmer profile with no gap and no requirement for a cover display.

However, the Honor V Purse is only 9mm thick compared to the Mate Xs 2's 11.1mm, which is a significant improvement.

The V Purse's design is described by Honor as a "phy-digital fashion statement" since it combines physical designs (the straps) with always-on interactive display styles. The Honor V Purse may be matched to whatever outfit you wear thanks to interchangeable straps and a selection of AOD designs (which are visible on both sides since this is an external folding), eliminating your reliance on rapid fashion.

The Honor V Purse is a concept item, therefore it's possible that it won't ever be available for purchase. In this Pret-a-Porter form, perhaps not. We can still hope for an Honor product that directly competes with the Huawei Mate Xs 2.