Google Maps Enhances List Suggestions

  • 29 Mar, 2024
Google Maps Enhances List Suggestions

Discover Curated Recommendations:

Google Maps now has a cool new feature! You can swipe up to find special lists of recommendations made by people who really know their cities. These lists are created by top websites and Maps users who want to share their favorite places. And guess what? It's now even easier to find these lists with the latest update!

Additionally, users can expect curated lists from beloved websites, including The Infatuation’s selection of restaurants, Lonely Planet’s travel guides, The New York Times’ 36-hour itineraries, and OpenTable’s recommendations for the finest new dining establishments.

Exciting New Restaurant Lists

Furthermore, Google Maps is rolling out brand new restaurant lists featuring places that are gaining a lot of attention and praise from users. Starting this week, these lists will be available in over 40 cities across the US and Canada. They'll provide a variety of helpful recommendations to explore different dining experiences.

Trending, Top, and Gems Lists:

The Trending list, updated every week, shines a spotlight on restaurants that are suddenly becoming really popular on Maps. Then there's the Top list, which features places that people love visiting all the time. And don't forget the Gems list! It's all about uncovering those hidden culinary treasures in your neighborhood – the restaurants that not many people know about yet, but are definitely worth discovering.

Customization for Easy Navigation:

You'll love this – you can rearrange these lists however you want to make finding what you need super easy. Plus, you can even create your own lists and mix in stuff from your social media accounts to explain why a place is awesome. This cool feature will be available worldwide on Maps by the end of this month. So get ready to customize your lists and share your favorite spots with everyone!

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Smarter Mapping with AI:

Google Maps is getting even smarter by using AI to learn from its community. With AI, Maps wants to give users a quick and easy way to learn all about a place. For example, when you're checking out restaurant photos, AI can recognize dishes, show their prices, tell you how popular they are, and even let you know if they're vegetarian or vegan. It's like having all the details you need at a glance!

Moreover, Maps is undergoing a visual overhaul, sporting a cleaner home screen with fewer tabs. Additionally, new pin colors have been introduced to enhance map navigation, making it simpler for users to locate places of interest.