Google Launch: A smart messaging Allo App

  • 26 Sep, 2016
Google Launch: A smart messaging Allo App

Google has introduced messaging application of artificial intelligence Allo. Google announced this application I / O conference in May. Application features include end-to-end encryption, temporary private messaging, and Google Suggest assistant quick answers to artificial intelligence.

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Allo Features

Application come with some unique features is a chat boot that will bring the user while her friends chat history will provide a number of Google products to chat. Not need to create a Google account for Allo App. The application will be used only phone number. WhatsApp is only when you register your phone number using the Google Allo will be used in one device at a time.

If once the user has installed the application you can send a message will appear, according to which the user now sticker, photo, video and text messaging. The application is also drawing up an option to add photos and text.

Allo is the support group chat. You can give a specific name to your group. if you want your message to be safe incognito Google Chat can start by Andy-to-end encrypted. In the app you will find a second list of Google Assistant. The search engine company in the form of chat boot.

The most important feature of this application is the use of artificial intelligence. Application learning from your conversation is expected to propose a reply to chat. Sometimes these suggestions can be so complete that conversation without touching the keyboard users. He sent a second his image as a feature also works with images in response to a proposal is automatically “look good”,  “Thanks to your friend” appears in response to a proposal.

Allo Feature Video