Google has introduced a New Version of Android 'O'

  • 06 Apr, 2017
Google has introduced a New Version of Android 'O'

Google has introduced a new version of the smartphone operating system Android "O" have been added a few new exciting and wonderful features. Initially the first developer preview version has been released that will be installed on Google for specific devices. Like last year, this year Google will also release more producers will previews with an occasional pause in which new features will be released worldwide on being prepared. Google initially called it only "O" and will be brought before the full name.

According biggest change in the new version of the file to restrict the use of any background applications which will run longer than the other versions of the smartphone battery. Google has imposed many restrictions on applications in the new version of which is background location services and up-to-date radically change the method of use.

There is no change as reflected in the new version and it's like watching Nougat in Android 7.0 and 6.0 marshmallows but notification of changes in the available procedures and added new animations. In Android O version User can watch movie on YouTube and still use other applications on mobile.

In addition, Android O apps icons come in different shapes will look different smart phones. If a smartphone, for example, if a icon look in circle shape then same icon is visible in the quadratic form in any other smartphone.


In addition to being included new features related to WiFi which is the most prominent "Wi-Fi Aware", mainly applications using this feature and without Internet presence to nearby mobile phones, Wi-Fi connection be able to "Connect" each other.