Google Chromecast Ultra features

  • 05 Oct, 2016
Google Chromecast Ultra features

Google has introduced HDMI dongle Chromecast upgraded version is “Chromecast Ultra”. New Chromecast Ultra engraved with G name logo.

Chromecast is a streaming device that connects to the LEDs can be seen on the big screen photos and videos, and other media smart phone with TV. This is the third version since the launch market to bring Google Chromecast was hand him over and then, that's why.

This is good news for people who use Chromecast "Chromecast Ultra" I've been with him dongle  Vision Technology and has been the ability and HDR technology to stream video to 4K resolution. Given the popularity of 4K resolution LED TVs and companies against competition from devices such as Amazon and Google's ability to Halt the full HD to 4K media stream is added.

Although 4K resolution video market now are available, Google has found its solution and has announced the creation of the Google Play Movies and Videos 4K resolution via TV in November. Chromecast Ultra is 1.8% faster than previous versions, while adding a Wi-Fi Ethernet port plus improved.

Ultra Chrome cast will be put up for sale next month of November. The estimated cost of $69 that is being told that the price is double chrome cast was introduced last year.

Introducing Chromecast Ultra 2016