Galaxy Watch4 & Watch4 Classic Get Wear OS 4 Update

  • 05 Sep, 2023
Galaxy Watch4 & Watch4 Classic Get Wear OS 4 Update
Samsung is currently pushing out its One UI 5 Watch upgrade to the Galaxy Watch 4 series with Wear OS 4 in tow, just one week after the update launched on the Galaxy Watch 5.

Samsung's implementation of Wear OS 4 is currently rolling out to US versions of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Updates are associated with build numbers that conclude with HWH3. The upgrades include the July 2023 security patch in addition to One UI 5 Watch and are based on Android 13.

Many Samsung-specific changes are included in the update, including improved Galaxy Buds support, new Samsung Health features, and more. However, there are some more modifications from Google's Wear OS 4 upgrade, such as the capacity to connect the watch to a fresh phone without carrying out a complete factory reset.

Watch Face & Tile Updates:

  • More easily add watch faces and tiles
  • Finding the watch faces and tiles that are best for you is now easier thanks to a new vertical arrangement.
  • Verify each device's battery life: You can instantly check the battery life of your watch, phone, and Galaxy Buds using the new Battery tile.
  • Buds controller tile improvements: If your Buds enable 360 audio, you may now turn it on and off from the controller tile.
  • Easily accessible timers: Without launching the Timer app, timers may be started from the new Timer tile.
  • Make an album or story about the face of your watch: You can now set your watch face to cycle among multiple images from an album or narrative instead of just one.

Samsung Health: Your Comprehensive Wellness Companion:

Improved sleep coaching: You can now monitor your habits and recommendations right on your watch without grabbing your phone, and a revamped results screen makes it easier to comprehend how well you slept each night.
Cycling sessions are now automatically recorded by Samsung Health, which can now recognize when you begin cycling. You can decide whether or not your bicycle routes will be automatically mapped.
Get heart rate guidance while working out while running: Your watch may show you specific heart rate zones while you run to help you control the intensity of your workout.
Greater accuracy in track runs: If you begin jogging on a conventional 400-meter track, your watch can determine which lane you are in and provide you with more precise lap and distance information.
Make up your own workout: You couldn't find your workout in the list of available alternatives. You may now design your own unique exercise that calculates your route, pace, and other factors.

Backup and Restore: Safeguarding Your Data:

Data from your watch is periodically backed up to your phone when it is connected to your watch, so you can keep it safe. Backups can also be stored on Samsung Cloud. To use this feature, your phone must have the most recent version of the Smart Switch app.
Your watch will be transferred to a new phone: Switching between phones is now simpler than ever. After the transfer, your watch faces and apps will still be available.

Control Your Phone with Samsung's Galaxy Watch:

More call controls: You can now manage calls better without ever touching your phone. From your watch, you may change the call volume, muffle the sound, and operate the keypad.
Snap photos using your watch: On your Galaxy Z Flip5 or Fold5 whenever the camera is open in Flex mode or Tent mode, a camera icon will show up at the bottom of your watch face. To easily access camera settings on your watch, tap the icon.

Enhanced Control of Your Phone with Galaxy Watch:

Use the Home button to dictate text: To switch to voice input while typing on the Samsung Keyboard, simply press and hold the Home button.
Allow Bixby to read your alerts: If you have headphones plugged into your watch, Bixby can read your alerts aloud. Once the notification has been read in its entirety, you can instruct Bixby on what to do. Bixby must be set as your watch's default voice assistant in order to access this feature.
Utilize several timers at once: Up to 20 timers can now be set to run simultaneously to help you keep track of all your duties.

When a hard fall is detected or you press the Home button five times to activate the Emergency SOS feature, a button to access your medical information will automatically appear.
Device maintenance: To prolong battery life and keep your watch functioning properly, check the condition of the battery, storage, and memory and address any issues right away.
Without touching it, adjust your watch: You can use your watch without touching the screen or hitting a button thanks to universal gestures. Gestures like forming a fist, shaking your wrist, or squeezing your fingers can all be given different actions.
Create directories for your apps: Make folders to arrange your apps so you can locate what you're looking for easily.