Galaxy Ring: Star of S24 Unpacked

  • 12 Sep, 2023
Galaxy Ring: Star of S24 Unpacked

The Galaxy S24 range should be unveiled during Samsung's upcoming Unpacked event in the first quarter 2024. The occasion will most likely occur in January, further simplifying the situation. The Galaxy Ring will not only be introduced during the Q1 Unpacked event, according to Tipper Ice Universe, who wrote on the Chinese social networking platform Weibo but "the smart ring will be a star product" (Google Translated). Given that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will also be unveiled simultaneously, it tells a lot.

Even if Samsung launches its Galaxy Ring, depending on the health features it will offer, it's possible that the product's release will be postponed as Samsung works to secure approvals from the regulatory bodies in various nations that must approve the health-related sensors it will use.


We informed you back in July that Samsung intended to decide whether or not to mass-produce the smart ring as early as last month. Why would you need a ring to get readings for specific health measures when the Galaxy Watch can do the same thing, you might wonder. The smart ring's closer fit on the wearer's finger enables it to deliver more exact data, which is the explanation.

If the Galaxy Ring were to be released, it would go up against the smart rings that Oura now sells while also helping to open up the market for yet another sort of wearable. Since smartwatches offer numerous services that a ring cannot, such as the capacity to make and receive phone calls, we don't see smart rings competing with them. It's possible that customers who already own a smartwatch will purchase the ring as a way to get yet another item of "connected jewelry" that serves purposes other than aesthetic ones.