FireChat App, send Messages without WiFi and DATA connection

  • 20 Sep, 2016
FireChat App, send Messages without WiFi and DATA connection

FireChat is free messaging app for android and IOS device, just install and get started. If you want to send a message, Around you do not have Wi-Fi, data connection not working and there is no problem because it was also the solution to this problem and they fireChat, a mobile app can works without WiFi and Data connection.

How does this work ?

App provides the facility to send and receive data, App creates a mesh network using Bluetooth and peer-to-peer WiFi. App send messages and photos offline between devices that are located within 200 feet of one another. If a connection is not the message is to be sent and stored, then the message is fully encrypted, and can not read any more.

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FireChat Features:

  • Quickly send messages and photos to anyone near you
  • End-to-end encryption
Quickly create live chat rooms and more than thousands of users can discuss
  • Highlighted Most popular messages in conversations
  • Chat rooms work both offline and online
  • Can works without WiFi and Data connection
  • Devices directly connect within 200 feet of location with one another

App maker says a few minutes can definitely get a message, but through this you can also send messages to roaming charges or WiFi without overseas. The 50 million people worldwide have downloaded this app.

FireChat Video: