Facebook introducing "Messenger Rooms" for Public chat

  • 18 Nov, 2016
Facebook introducing "Messenger Rooms" for Public chat

Facebook has been introducing the "Messenger Rooms" and now users can also discuss a specific topic to strangers. Facebook had introduced an application called "Facebook Rooms" " that has been added to the "chat rooms" however Messenger was closed in December last year. "Messenger rooms" are essentially chat rooms, which are made on specific topics, in every room of 250 people can participate and make them private or common part of customers.

Messenger rooms are made initially introduced on an experimental basis in Canada and Australia and soon they will be delivered to customers worldwide.

The company used to rule the Internet world at a time when "Yahoo" who had taken the rooms were also introduced, considered that 'the company and use these millions of people worldwide. However, Facebook said the feature is available, but some experts say that if the service changes with and so easy to use Messenger users will see the rise of this.

Facebook Messenger product Manager "Drew Moxon" says "Today group chats with their friends, are with relatives and acquaintances, and we discussed many topics which users it is found want. 'Rooms will be discussed based on the subjects to be able to communicate those people who wish to speak on the same topic that are alien to each other. "