FaceApp - Artificial Intelligence Face Editor

  • 21 Jul, 2019
FaceApp - Artificial Intelligence Face Editor

Russian company developed a mobile application FaceApp for Android and iOS by using neural network technology to automatically create face transformation in photos. The app has the ability to transform the face to make it smile, look younger or older and change gender.


 The app was launched for iOS in January 2017 and for android in February 2017.  The app has more than 80 million active users.  FaceApp is a free application that can be downloaded to your gadget from the AppStore or Google Play. As of now there are 21 fun free filters in the basic version. The Pro form incorporates 28 filters that can change your style totally with only one tap. There is likewise a 3-days trial for you to enjoy all the exceptional features before buying the Pro Version. There are several options to make changes in the uploaded photographs such as editor option to add an impression, hair color, hairstyle, makeup, smiles and glasses. along all these there are some other features like background, lens blur, tattoo etc.

Transgender communities are attracted more towards the gender change feature of the faceapp, as they can simulate their appearance as the opposite gender.


In 2019, FaceApp faced criticism in both the press and social media over the security of client data. Because of inquiries, the organization's founder, Yaroslav Goncharov, expressed that client information and transferred pictures were not being moved to Russia but rather handled on servers running in the Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. US Representative Chuck Schumer communicated "genuine concerns in regard to both the insurance of the information that is being accumulated just as whether clients know about who may approach it" and required an FBI examination concerning the application.

"Hot" transformation was accessible in the application in 2017 as far as anyone knows to cause its clients to seem all the more physically alluring, yet this was blamed for prejudice for helping the skin color of dark individuals and making them look progressively European. The component was quickly renamed "flash" before being removed. Founder and CEO Yaroslav Goncharov apologized, portraying the circumstance as "an awful reaction of the basic neural system brought about by the preparation set predisposition, not planned behavior “and declaring that a "total fix" was being worked on. In August that year, FaceApp indeed confronted analysis when it featured "ethnicity filters" delineating "White", "Dark", "Asian", and "Indian". The channels were quickly expelled from the app.

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