Etihad Airways Offers Thousands of Foreign Jobs

  • 21 Mar, 2024
Etihad Airways Offers Thousands of Foreign Jobs

Etihad Airways, a renowned name in the aviation industry, has announced a groundbreaking move – it's opening its doors to foreign workers, offering thousands of enticing job opportunities. This initiative aims to enrich the airline's workforce with diverse talents from around the world.

Exciting News: Etihad Airways Expands and Recruits Worldwide!

Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, is gearing up for big growth! They're on a mission to hire nearly 2,000 new team members this year, including pilots, cabin crew, and mechanics. And here's the best part: they're looking for people from all over the world!

A World of Opportunities

Departments ranging from flight operations to cabin crew, engineering, customer service, and administration are welcoming applicants. Whether you dream of soaring the skies or contributing to ground operations, Etihad Airways has a place for you. 

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A Career Beyond the Ordinary

Joining Etihad Airways isn't just about a job – it's about embarking on a fulfilling career journey. Expect competitive compensation, avenues for professional growth, and the chance to be part of a global network that connects people and places.

Etihad Airways Soars Higher: Expanding Services and Achieving Success!

Etihad Airways is on the move to provide even better service! They're increasing flights, frequencies, and destinations to meet passenger demand. With an 86% passenger load factor in 2023, up from 82% the year before, they're flying high!

In their recent financial report, Etihad shared some impressive numbers. They raked in Dh20.3 billion in revenue, with a net profit of Dh525 million and an operating result of Dh1.4 billion. Passenger revenue alone saw a Dh4 billion boost compared to the previous year. Etihad is not just flying, but flying high!

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Etihad Airways: Growing Big and Building Local Talent:

CEO Antonoaldo Neves is feeling positive about Etihad Airways' future. He wants to increase passengers from 10 million in 2022 to over 30 million by 2030. To make this happen, he plans to get more planes. In 2024, he thinks the airline will grow by 25 to 30%. Neves also wants more Emirati pilots in the airline. He believes it's important for the UAE to be represented globally. With these plans, Etihad Airways is on track for big success!

Your Next Adventure Awaits

For those seeking new challenges abroad or considering a career shift, this is an exhilarating opportunity. Etihad Airways' commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction promises a rewarding environment where you can thrive.

How to Apply

To seize these sought-after positions, visit the Etihad Airways website or contact local recruitment offices for details. With its doors wide open to global talent, Etihad Airways invites passionate individuals to shape the future of air travel. Join us on this exciting journey!