DoodleLens: Great App that brings your silly drawings to life

  • 29 Jun, 2019
DoodleLens: Great App that brings your silly drawings to life

You can bring your doodles to life and can use them to add flair to your videos and photos thanks to the new app, Doodlelens. This app is so simple to grasp. After examining a few onboarding screens and endorsing some permission requests, you're left with the open camera and three buttons. One immediately copies what the camera sees into a doodle, the second captures a video of the doodle placed in your environment, and the third opens the menu. We'll first focus on the copy interface. You simply need to ensure you put your doodle in focus in front of your phone, at that point tap copy. The app is amazingly good at distinguishing what's a drawing and what's simply background, so your doodle is promptly digitalized and stored. You can change its color, flip it, make it two-sided, and invert the copy, before tapping to paste it in your environment.

Not to worry over exact location and direction when pasting, however, as you can generally tap to move it around, turn it, squeeze to zoom to change its size, and either delete or copy it in the scene. It's conceivable to repeat a similar procedure for the same number of doodles as you need, and even to utilize an advance copy mode to invigorate a doodle by taking back to back copies of various drawings. The application stores every one of your doodles in the menu, so you can generally utilize an old most loved in another environment, without drawing it once more.

When done, you can take a screenshot or tap to capture the scene in a video, indicating how the doodles animate or how they remain in place nevertheless when you move around. On the off chance that you like to draw or have children that love it, you can get the application from the Play Store for $2, with no extra in-application purchase required. Yet, remember that DoodleLens uses Google's ARCore for its expanded reality aspect, so your device should be supported for the application to work.

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