Amazon becomes the World 2nd Trillion Company

  • 11 Sep, 2018
Amazon becomes the World 2nd Trillion Company

After Apple US e-commerce Amazon has become the world second achieving the target of Trillion Dollar company. After a 1.9 percent increase in share prices on Thursday, the 24-year-old Amazon's company has increased value worth from $1000 billion. During the business, the company's value of 487,741,189 shares reached $2050.50 per share while $1 trillion target was also enough worth of 2050.27 per share.

However, the shares at the end of the day reduced to 2,039.51 shares. The company then valued at $995 billion.

Amazon's performance is much better than other retail retail stores in the US. 90% shopping in the US is still on physical stores, but despite the value and profit, amazon is at the forefront.

Amazon bought the Grocery Stores chain of Whole Food Markets last year. The company is making a lot of money by providing cloud storage from Amazon services. Amazon-based e-book reader kindle and Home Assistant Devices Alexa are also Amazon products.